'How do we empower the modern woman, so she can focus on her goals?' 

These days women are expected to do it all -

powerful careers, active social lives and healthy routines. 

Living in the world's biggest cities, our team have observed women trying to do it all on their morning commutes- carrying a handbag, a laptop, gym bag and even their home-made lunch. We want to make their daily routine that little bit easier.

Through our research we found that functionality in carry is everywhere for men (backpacks, satchels and shoulder bags), but little has been done to respond to women's daily needs. Instead women who want to keep a handbag, usually must sacrifice functionality for style, we see an opportunity to evolve the archetype and give real value through balancing form and function..

And so our solution became clear, we would create an adaptable, functional bag which can respond to your different daily needs, whilst still been fashionable.