Crafting our first bag has involved months of exploration, iteration and prototyping to distill our ideas into something pure and refined. Here, we share some key parts of our story so far...

Sketching & Prototyping

After we understood the problem and how to respond, then the real work began. We would spend several months exploring possible ways of creating a bag which can adapt with the users changing needs. Eventually, a modular solution became the clear direction to take. By allowing someone to easily adapt the bag to their routine, we can support and empower our users, and not define them by our view of who they should be.

Balancing function and purity


Many 'functional' bags appear complicated, but for us, it is vital to keep a sophisticated feel in our products. Through hidden details, and internal pockets, we are able to create a very clean design with great functionality.  


Traditional Materials & Craftsmanship

During development we considered many different materials, from canvas to modern technical materials, but the qualities of genuine leather made it the only option to pursue. The heritage, craftsmanship and durability of real leather will ensure that Formula products age gracefully and stand up to the rigors of daily life.

Finding the right partner

Before launching Formula, we spent months searching out an appropriate production facility.


It was vital for us to ensure high quality production, a secure supply chain and high ethical standards for all workers. We traveled to many factories, inspecting their facilities and commissioning prototypes to check quality. Our chosen partner has years of experience in leather production and is certified to EU work practices, with them we hope to ensure high quality standards and timely production.